Was this staged or nah?

Ray William Johnson
Ray William Johnson

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Publicat pe 7 ian. 2022
Still better than flying Spirit ✈️

(source vid is by Trevor Jacob on YT)

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  • I feel sorry for those people who are easily "influenced" by this Chancer.

  • Engine failure is absolutely no reason to abandon a plane, you’re trained as a pilot to glide it and find a suitable spot to land. Even if he escapes all fines he most likely will have something happen to his license

  • Imagine a commercial jets engines failing midair and the pilots are just like "Welp the engines stopped. Good luck" and jump out lol

  • I heard the FAA are currently investigating the crash. He’s gonna be in big trouble if he dose t go to jail he’s definitely kissing his license.

  • You would never bail over engine failure in a fixed wing plane (or in 99.999% of circumstances). You’d just catch a glide path to a safe landing area.

  • I love how the plane showed the slightest malfunction and he decided to just yeet himself off of it instead of even try to control it lol

  • As a commercial pilot and flight instructor, the steps you take when you have an engine failiure include Finding a place to land, troubleshooting the engine (this takes a couple minutes) and obv declaring an emergency, (among other things) none of which he did, even if this isnt staged (which it is) he atleast violated regulation 14 cfr 91.13

  • The dude was also flying with a parachute on which is something he’s never really done in his vids . He knew he was crashing that day .

  • Imagine if that plane hit people on the ground it could've destroyed a whole family

  • It’s even more funnier once you realize there would’ve been no way for him to recover the footage from the rubble after the crash, but somehow he does😹

  • Being a pilot, even when an engine quits we are trained to fly it to the ground safely.

  • You can fly a plane with no engine Once it's in the air, his flaps and everything should have been working just fine, Gliders exist.

  • He could definitely still control the plane and land safely at a flatter space rather than just abandoning it. That's like falling off a bike and deciding to throw it into a lake

  • You could probably land a Cessna like that if the engine was ripped off and so was half the fuselage. They are basically just oversized kites. But the only place this guy's gonna land is jail.

  • It’s a piper cub it has a stall speed of like 30 Mph it could have Ben landed almost anywhere

  • As a pilot, I’m glad this guy is getting popularity for being an awful pilot so the FAA can do something about it. Y’all should watch Swiss001 analysis and other pilots reviews on this “event”

  • He's an influencer, I never heard of him and I'm not at all influenced

  • If the engine did legitimately fail, Every single plan has a glide rate, and he was maybe 1,000+ feet above the ground. So the pilot had time to control the aircraft into the ground for a controlled crash landing. The pilot should definitely be arrested, fined, charged with with reckless endangerment, or loose his pilot license. But he did it for clout and views, he definitely staged it.

  • Ray, I think you're the only smart person I know of nowadays.

  • I shouldn’t have laughed so hard at the pic that shown up when he said “because of civilians on the ground”