The Call | Season 2022 Cinematic - League of Legends (ft. 2WEI, Louis Leibfried, and Edda Hayes)

League of Legends
League of Legends

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For the fallen. For the deserted. For the downtrodden. And for those who will rise again.

Season 2022 is here. How will you answer the Call?

Video created in partnership with Unit Image and Ben Hibon.

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"The Call"

Featured artists: 2WEI, Louis Leibfried, and Edda Hayes
Written by: Louis „LoOF" Leibfried, Hermann Schepetkov, Christian Vorländer, Simon Heeger
Produced by: 2WEI & Mr. Herms
Mixed and Mastered by: 2WEI & Mr. Herms
Vocals performed by: Louis Leibfried and Edda Hayes
Additional vocals performed by: Colm McGuinness and SVRCINA
Executive Producer and Supervision by: Riot Music Team

Louis Leibfried:
Edda Hayes: thisiseddaha...


Hear my plea to the fallen
Leave me to be with the broken
one last time before I go

Hold the last burning ember
Let us never surrender
May we rise unto the Call
For the Glory and the Fall

For the beat and the broken
For the lost and forsaken
Let us never surrender
May we rise unto the Call

For the beat and the broken
For the lost and forsaken
Let us never surrender
For the Glory and the Fall

For the beat and the broken
For the lost and forsaken
Let us never surrender
Now we rise unto the Call

(For the beat and the broken)
Chains that we are breaking
Fate that we are awaiting
We will rise unto the Call
(Rise unto the Call)

For the Glory and the Fall

Read through the stories on Universe to learn more about each champion’s journey:

“Dead of Winter”

“The Faceless God”


"In Battle, Broken"

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Comentarii: 29 361

  • League cinematic always hit different

  • Arcane isn't enough. We want more. Give us movies, series, books. Take our money for that good cause.

  • Fun fact: when Pantheon is fighting Leona, he has no powers. In the story "In Battle, Broken", its revealed that because of Viego, Atreus doesn't have any remnants of the powers of the Pantheon. Meaning in that fight, he was fighting the aspect of the sun, with his own muscles. Chad

  • "The heavens do not fear me because I am a god, they fear me because I am a man!" - Pantheon

  • With the new lore just came out about Atreus called "In battle, broken", it was revealed that prior to the events happening in the cinematic that Atreus has essentially lost all of his celestial powers after the Ruination and was mentally scarred and basically wanted to give up rebelling against the gods as he's getting tired and weak. So what we're seeing here is Atreus still continuing his rebellion towards the gods even without his celestial powers but was still able to put up a fight against Leona who is an actual aspect. Only after the fight that Atreus has regained his celestial powers back for unknown reasons. That only makes him much more of a chad than he was before. He's a man among aspects and gods.

  • I stopped playing league for almost 3 years now but i'll always come back to enjoy these masterpiece cinematics.

  • Every cinematic becomes better than the previous ones.

  • First time watching: Astonished

  • Who came back here after reading Pantheon's new lore?

  • It's a quick frame moment, but you see Leona sense the attack(likely because she's an aspect) but believes it to be an enemy's attack as she raises her shield in the direction of the attack before Pantheon gets blasted off. You can even see her silhouette in the scene, her shield facing the origin direction of the blast.

  • I like the details on Pantheon's eyes,during the cinematic he uses more and more of his divine power and that is reflected trough the glow of his eyes.The moment when he is thrown down the mountain we can see the eyes beeing at their most human.Nice touch Riot.

  • 100 Millions in just 12 days. My god, not even Warriors nor Awaken hit this milestone in such a short period of time. Riot is truly built different after Arcane.

  • At this point, everyone just knows that if it's 2WEI and a League cinematic, it'll instantly be a cinematic masterpiece. Literally impossible to not get chills from this.

  • I've never played League of Legends but I always appreciate the cinematics every time they pop up

  • I just love how all these characters are having these intense conflicts, these rises and falls, these amazing little through-lines and parallels throughout the video... and then there's Olaf just running around in the background murdering the Ursine like it's nothing. He literally just shrugs off a glacier that fell for 1,000 feet and it doesn't even slow him.

  • After reading the new story of Atreus, the part where he gets up and uses the powers of the aspect again is now much more emotional for me, I couldn't help but shed a couple of tears, not only because of what happened, but because despite this, he was able to rise again and challenge the very heavens. For me really the best character of lol

  • The pantheon part is better when you have already read the new story they took about him.

  • Here after the new pantheon story. Can we appreciate how in this cinematic pantheon has climbed tarpon AGAIN and is fighting an aspect empowered Leona AND standing his ground, all without his powers. He seems to only regain them after Aurelion, or another aspect, sees Leona being pushed away and casts him down from targon again. Pantheon is the realest one in league.

  • I like how everyone is 4v5ing and Ornn is just farming and practicing his forging hobbies peacefully in toplane.

  • the freljord is gonna be amazing when it's introduced to the arcane series.