Shawn Mendes - It'll Be Okay

Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes

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Publicat pe 12 ian. 2022
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Music video by Shawn Mendes performing It'll Be Okay. © 2022 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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  • Not every breakup is about hating the other person. Shawn wrote a beautiful song. It’s so heart wrenching and magical thank u Shawn

  • I'm not even a Shawn Mendes fan, but this song takes you somewhere else! This generation needs more timeless songs like this!

  • Shawn Mendes nos ensina algo em cada canção, até em meio a sua dor, ele nos entrega algo tão lindo e sublime!

  • Shawn Mendes nos ensina algo em cada canção, até em meio a sua dor, ele nos entrega algo tão lindo e sublime!

  • Essa música é simplesmente perfeita!

  • J’adore cette chanson elle est magnifique, elle m’a vraiment émue et touchée. Le clip est superbe, il peut paraître simple mais de voir Shawn marcher seul dans la ville, sous la neige, la nuit illustre parfaitement ce qu’exprime cette chanson et ce que le chanteur ressent. Sans parler des cadrages, du jeu entre les gros plans et les plans plus larges, les jeux de lumière. La voix de Shawn est si douce et nous emporte avec lui dans ce torrent d’émotions. Un grand bravo et un grand merci Shawn pour cette œuvre musicale que je vais écouter pendant un moment☺️. Continue d’être toi et aussi formidable ❤️.

  • "I start to imagine a world where we don't collide" is Shawn's favourite line

  • No siempre terminar con alguien tiene que ser cuando ya se odien por completo. Eso es lo que nos dice Shawn en su canción… pero aún así duele saber que algo tan bonito que se tuvo en un momento ya no puede ser… 😢

  • me provoca mil sentimientos esta canción, desearía decirle a esa persona todo lo que siento

  • I believe that every person that comes into our lives is a stepping stone to getting us to where we are suppose to be. Even the good and the bad. It shapes us into who we are today.

  • Lyrics 🧡🧡

  • Never disappoint us. This song taught me that not all relationship should endup with beautiful ending. Sometimes right person just came at the wrong time. Thanks Shawn for this song

  • his voice, his songs, his charms, they're all good. he never disappoints us. love u so much shawn, it’ll be okay <3

  • Além da música ser perfeita, meu deus oq é esse homem , essa voz acho que td vez que escuto meu coração quase para com tanta perfeição

  • "I don't hate you, i just hate all the pain that you put me through."

  • Que perfeição de música 😍😍

  • Shawn, essa música é tão linda e perfeita, homem você destruiu nossos corações, que interpretação e letra fodaa!😍😍🇧🇷🇧🇷❤️❤️💔

  • I think this is Shawn’s best song! Maybe I connect with it more because I feel I’m at a crossroads in my marriage, and my husband & I have agreed that it’s time to go our separate ways after 27 years. We’ve become two totally different people. He’s not willing to change. With him it’s always been, “my way or the highway”. The outburst that ended up physically hurting me was really a sign it’s over. It’s never come to that before. This will destroy both our lives. 💔

  • This song literally touches my heart man

  • I’m standing on the cliff of divorce 😥 this song helps me to realize whatever happens in the end “It will be okay” thank you Shawn, through your pain you are helping others, such a selfless talent. Beautiful song❤️